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Tennis Net Height Measure / Gauge

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  • Tennis Net Height Measure / Gauge

Tennis Net Height Measure / Gauge

Wooden Tennis Net Height Measuring Stick



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Tennis Net Height Measurement Gauge

Measurement Stick To Maintain Required Tennis Net Height

Wooden Measuring Stick
Regulation Tennis Net Height Measuring Stick

Tennis Net FAQ - 'What is the height of a tennis net? & How high is a tennis net?'
The height of a tennis net is 36 Inches / 3 feet / 0.914 meters. The tennis net height is measured at the center of the net at the point where the center strap is located. To take the net height measurement, there is a tennis net height measure available.

There is a second measurement to the height of tennis net, and that is found at each end directly where the tennis net meets the post. This height you should never have to worry about if good quality posts are in use and have been installed correctly. Nonetheless the tennis net height here is 42 Inches / 3.5 feet / 1.07 meters.

Finally it may be asked 'how wide is a tennis net?' A tennis net comes in two widths, the common standard is size is to suit a doubles tennis court which is 42 feet from and to the center of each post. Tennis nets especially for singles courts are 33 feet. It is common that the nets are made a couple inches shy of this figures to take into account the width of the tennis posts.